Cris X Cross With NO LIFTING!
For ALL Mattresses
  • Put fitted sheet on bed. Next, lift the corner of the sheet somewhat and clip the suspender strap onto the sheet. Then tuck sheet corner back under mattress.
  • Walk suspender along the side of the bed, while slipping the strap under the mattress. Walk to the opposite mattress corner and lift the corner of sheet a little, clip, tuck back under.
  • Repeat above steps on opposite corners to form an "X" under the mattress. Slides can face foot of bed for adjustments, but isn't necessary as they usually will not need adjustment after the first time.
  • *** Baby's Cribs: Adjust the length of the sheet suspenders so that they are at least 5"-6" shorter than the diagonal measure of bed..
  • Tuck in suspender strap along side of filled waterbed (underneath mattress) as far as your hand will go, leaving clips at eye view. Repeat on other side.
  • Next, put the fitted sheet on and hook the suspender clips to corners of sheets.
  • Lift Corners of Sheet Only.
    Don't Lift Mattress

  • DO NOT LIFT THE MATTRESS! The weight of the mattress keeps suspender straps in place.
  • Lift four corners of fitted sheet a little, unclip.
  • Put new sheet on and re-clip four corners.