Sheet Suspenders ® Hold All Sheets on Any and All Mattresses Tight, even hide-a-beds, waterbeds, adjustable beds, reclining beds, cribs, anything that uses sheets!

Sheet Suspenders ® are two (2) suspender straps made of the highest quality woven elastic. Sheet Suspenders ® adjust easily to any size. Sheet Suspenders ® are slipped easily under any type/size mattress, EVEN A BABY'S CRIB to form a cris cross shape. There is absolutely NO LIFTING NEEDED TO CLIP TO MATTRESS! The four easy-open clips feature nylon inserts that will not damage sheets. The criss cross shape under the mattress keeps your sheets taught for the best night sleep. Original Sheet Suspenders ® work with oversized sheets too.     GO TO OUR MAIN SITE TO ORDER!

Sheet Suspenders MinisTM   Hold Bed Sheet Corners Only
Sheet Suspenders® Minis hold bottom sheets by securing only the corners. Sheet Suspenders® Minis will still give you the complete assurance that the sheets will not come up off the mattress while keeping them tucked in tight. Not for hide-a-beds (convertables) and reclining beds (tilt up for watching tv), for these beds we recommend Original Sheet Suspenders Above. Also, will not work for sheets that are oversize. Not sure which to buy? Original Sheet Suspenders ® (up above) work for all situations and are the most highly recommended by our customers.     GO TO OUR MAIN SITE TO ORDER!

Simply Hands OnTM    Holds Comforters in Place in Duvet Cover
"Simply Hands OnTM - Holds comforter in duvet cover. How To Use: On any size comforter and duvet cover, put comforter on top of bed. Turn duvet cover inside out, lay on top of comforter. Clip hands on corners of comforter & duvet cover, fold down bar (on all 4 corners for extra hold) Turn duvet cover right side out. (comforter will be inside duvet cover) If need to Adjust; shake a little on the outside by corners.